Public deliverables from the PHOTOSINT project

On specific dates, periodic assessment reports called "deliverables" have to be submitted to the European Commission in order to evaluate the progress of the project. On this page, you can find the public documents from the Photosint project.


PHOTOSINT methodology, configuration and plan action

Deliverable Number: D1.1

Public report describing the approach that will be followed regarding solar fuel production in PHOTOSINT. It will contain the definition of the target products, as well as the state-of-the-art of both pathways that will be studied.

Due date: M1

Lead beneficiary: ICIQ-CERCA


Pilots lines installation and assembly

Deliverable Number: D3.4

Report detailing the assembly of the equipment defined in Task 3.3.

Due date: M15

Lead beneficiary: TOR


Policy recommendations

Deliverable Number: D8.2

Public report gathering and analyzing relevant policies and other key factors concerning integrating the PEC system into the industry.

Due date: M46

Lead beneficiary: IDE