Photosint Project Kick – Off Meeting

Photosint project consortium held its kick-off meeting in Seville, Spain, on 27 and 28 of September.

Photosint KOM

On September 27 and 28 of September, The Photosint consortium members and their associated partners met at the official Project Kick-Off Meeting in Seville, Spain. This marked the beginning of a promising project that spans four years, dedicated to apply a solar driven artificial photosynthesis, utilizing earth-abundant materials to produce hydrogen and methanol from sunlight, wastewater and C02 with the aim to make the chemical industry more auto-sufficient.

 14 partners from 8 different countries -Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Estonia, France, Sweeden and Romania – the Photosint consortium stands united in its commitment to sustainability. 

The meeting provided a great opportunity for the consortium to convene, initiating discussions on the strategic aspects of their research, outlining project objectives, and establishing a collaborative framework to synergize efforts and enhance results. 

The synergy achieved during this kickoff meeting sets a promising tone for the Photosint project, with its innovative approach that enhances industry sustainability and reduces emissions, aiming for broader adoption of renewable energy technologies.